Ticket to a Ball of the Columbian Fire Engine Co.

Fire Art

An archive of art used by
the American fire service.

The following pages show examples of antique decoration that have survived to the present day. I am always on the lookout for fire apparatus with original paint. I want my restorations to show the techniques and the feel of these original pieces.

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Early illustration of a bucket brigade bring water from a city well. Early fire bucket No 2 belonging to the Tuttle family1760 fire bucket fo the Rowe family1789 bucket No 2 of G K Haswell 1793 fire bucket No 3 of General Henry Knox.Parade fireman's hat of the America Fire Co. Parade fire hat of the Philadelphia Hose Co. Parade hat for the Torrent Engine Co.1775 fire bucket of Saml. A. Otis.1776 fire bucket No 1 of S. NicholsEarly hand tub being fed by a bucket brigade.1821 fire bucket with large gold scrolls.Hand engine illustration showing blue wheels and tub with gold scrolls and brass hub caps, nozzel, lantern and rope spools. Oil painting with gold leaf on presentation helmet shieldHand engine Red Jacket with oil paintings on engine and buckets, plus so much more. Rumsey hand engine in old paint. Rough and Ready No. 2 with large gold scroll.Hand carved eagle and scrollwork on engine built by John Agnew or Philadelphia. Old hand engine with fading gold ornaments.Silsby catalog illustration.Oil painting of Ahrens steam fire engine showing lots of decoration.1890 Ahrens steam fire engine with original gold decoration.1925 Seagrave fire engine with gold scrolls and oil paintings. Painted ornaments on early motorized fire engine. Solid rubber tire wheel with wood spokes and lots of painted decoration.
Presentation certificate detail showing hand calligraphy ink on paper.Silver fire department badges.Ladies Ticket to a Ball for Fire Companies 7 and 8.Ladies Ticket to Annual Ball of the Union Fire Engine Co.Fire badgesCast iron toy steamer.
1833 fire grenadeCobalt blue glass Hayward hand fire grenade. Hardens hand fire extingusher. Brass lantern on Hope Engine No 1 lithograph Fireman's Certificate artwork. Hand calligraphy on a presentation piece. firefighter celuloid pinNew York fireman of the early 1800s. the word FIRE in quill calligraphy, too fancy to read, on a presentation. Norman Rockwell painting of a painting of a fireman
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