Deck of ironclad Monitor. It could have used some vinyl stripes.

Vinyl boat names

Computer generated and hand cut
vinyl graphics...

Vinyl stick-on letters are used on the majority of signs and boats today. This material will last up to 8 years outdoors... but a little less on a salt water boat. A computer driven cutting machine can reproduce most digital fonts. The vinyl material can also be hand cut with a knife if a unique design in needed.

Custom yacht Wombat built by Lyman-Morse Boat BuildingAnnie Rose gold vinyl flashes and shines as the boat goes by.Transom of Wombat with 22 karat gold vinyl letters and a 100% vinyl wombat. Fairweather name is in a font that looks similar to brush painting.Electra hammered aluminum texture material. Electra moving out. Electra transom with name reflecting the blue water while the hailing port reflects the swim platform teak.Sign on my vehicle echoing a schooner cabin name board.

    Most signs today are designed with computer fonts, from the world of printing using digital tools. Some of these fonts have nice hand lettering characteristics. I think they look good on the curved surfaces of boats.

Arthur Baker calligraphic font on a turnabout.Three 30 ft Herrishoffs restored at French & Webb.Small gold letters on a Buzzards Bay 30. Dingys for the Herrishoffs with gold names.Hand cut vinyl name on an aluminum work boat. Hand drawn and hand cut vinyl name on boat Allegro of Pendleton Yacht Yard.Hand drawn and cut vinyl name Tamarindo.

    The names ARUGULA, ALLEGRO and TAMARINDO were cut from vinyl by hand. On the right is a photo of a hand painted boat name BOHEME. Below is a photo of the same transom redone in vinyl by hand cutting the name to reproduce the previous name exactly. The hailing port was done with a computer font close in style to the original painted letters.

Boheme with hand painted lettering. Bohene transom with hand cut vinyl lettering.Red Sky custom hand cut letterig applied on staging in several large pieces.Lionhearted logo on boom.

    I hope these pictures show that vinyl letters do not have to look like they are machine made. The LION HEAD, RED SKY and MAESTRO were hand cut with a knife following the customer's design.

Maestro transom with hand cut name designed by owner.
Lionhearted logo in silver and gold vinyl. Mad Max in hand drawn and cut 22 kt engine turned gold vinyl material.

    MAD MAX is hand cut from 22 karat gold material that imitates the patterning of engine turned gold leaf. The engine turning makes the letters reflect more light. The letters look brighter on a cloudy day. Smooth gold on a boat can look dark because it is reflecting the dark water.
    The DOLPHINS were designed by me and drawn in the computer so that multiple copies could be cut by the computer from several colors of vinyl.

Mad Max on its way to Bikini. Computer cut dolphins in yacht cabin. Caulking wooden ship topsides.
Whistler gold vinyl name. Whistler at Lyman-Morse Boat Building with dinghy revealed.Grilse blue letters with gold outlineBetsy G lobster boat bow.Autumn colors on the coast.Italic fonts like Six Flags can look more casual than the regular face of the same font. This is a store bought vinyl scroll stuck on by me.Man O War with no frills clean lines at a boat show. A lighthouse in New England. A bold silver outline makes the Little Mermaid shimmer. Sea Glass used a blue and a green just slightly different in tone. I forget what Skitterygusset means. Small islands in sea smoke. Retriever outline is light, like the white letter, so it becomes dominant. Tumblehome by Lyman-Morse Boat Building. Litho. scrap drawing of a little sailor.Script for font used on Shiloh comes from brush scripts of sign painting. Italic font on Little Sailor look more like printing than brush work. old photo of a band stand by a dock with three and four masted schooners in the harbor.
Peregrine in black, which looks good outdoors. There are too many dark blue names. I've lettered three boats named Syzygy. It is a mystery to me.Long Shadow uses Trajan which comes from Roman times. The vibrant blue and round serif ends make it modern.Zanabe was designed in PhiladelphiaThe boat Jolly Rancher looks like a floating candy.Nauta Parvus has two owners and two names.

    It is wise to request premium vinyl for all your boating needs.

Lady Debbie deserves better. 1875 portrait of three in a boat.
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