schooner Wawenock at sail

Painted boat names

Hand painted lettering & decoration
on New England boats...

I work with boat yards, museums, a boat building school and private boat owners. Most boat names were hand painted back in the 1970s when I started. Computers have changed all that. Hand work is still requested by owners of vintage wooden yachts.

The boat Holly was lettered in the water from a skiff... in the rain. Detail of Holly name Growler in black with drop grey shade. Dock crew stops for a photo. Trade Wind restored at Rockport ME Marine with hand painted letters and decoration by Peter Achorn. Notice painted shadow on banner and letter. Austrian flag on Trade Wind transom. Painted wood poles, rope and tassells on Trade Wind. Herrishoffs being restored. Old man Herrishoff himself. Salmagal with painted gray shade. Painted bow scroll on my boat. Seal with a gold paint shade on a cream topside. 1832 Portland ME harborLindsay D classic lobster yacht. old photo of lobstering.Lindsay D black transom. Brush calligraphy name My Drift Lettering with a highlight in stead of a shadow on Terraold carved cove stripe end on Dyon.1900 yachting club event. Tallulah quick casual with drop shade. Archie simple dinghy name. Venti in an old painted style Sugi didn't seem to need a shade or outline. Bantam is on the pontoon of an inflatable dinghy. The wet building for wood boats on 700 Acre Island. script works well for names and certain words like Sabbatical
The delux Flying Fish name Starbuck in a casual Roman with a prismatic star in white and gray. Detail of Halcyone transom showing kingfisher bird brush painted by Peter Achorn. boat Halcyone at the dock of Lyman-Morse Boat Building in Thomaston ME. Parade boat back in the halcyone days.One of my favorite letter styles on Perseverance.Another favorite letter style on Foxfire. Hand painted Foxfire transom lettering
Summer and the boats are in the harbor. Award winning Magpie at launch by Lyman-Morse Boat Building. Magpie cabin interior with hand painted decoration. Magpie on mahogany transom. Magpie painted on cabin interior. Magpie leaving the harbor. Old wood lobster boat Mary Jane Lifesaving Service boat on custom cart with wide tires for sand. I pinstriped one of these carts once... Trophy oar for Yale University lettered by Peter Achorn. Rowing team with oars up. Antiqued new trophy oar . old photo of steam boat lettering similar to what I like to use on boats today. Alanka with a bright turquoise drop shade.Diamond showing a common way I treat transoms with a ladder. Diamond name with a angular letter style. Kestrel with a totem story on the bow. Gray Wolf name in a bold modern letterstyle that still has subtilties.Erica with a reverse transom that can seldom be seen.The schooner Palestine in Southwest Harbor. Boat cradle for Matthew.Boat cradle for Taylor.FDNY Marine One fireboat John D. McKean celebrating its 50th anniversary.Maltese cross shield painted by Peter Achorn.Fireboat John D. McKean at the Brooklyn Navy Yard dock getting ready for it's 50th anniversary.Titian paints a Maine sky.
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