Gilded compo ormaloo decoration.

Gilded work

Gold leaf decoration & lettering
on various objects...

I have gilded and decorated a variety of objects and vehicles that didn't seem to fit into other parts of this site. Here are a few of the unique projects I've worked on.

Regilding a pineapple. Showing a piece of gold leaf on a gilding cushion ready to be picked up with the "tip" brush. Carving and gilding by Peter Achorn.Oil painting and gold letters on Oceana F.D. bucket Reproduction fire bucket decorated by Peter Achorn. Antique mirror frame regilded. Panel with palladium and three shades of gold leaf. The monogram is for the American Sign Museum. Keith Taylor with working scale locomotive. Mineature gold locomotive numbers with shaded reveal plus tiny white lines.A farm across the road.
restored Wurlitzer pipe organ built in 1930.

    This is a Wurlitzer theater pipe organ. It was built in 1930 for the Metropolitan Theater in Boston. The organist would accompany silent movies or performers on the stage.
     The organ has been restored and installed in a theater designed specifically for it. The console can control the percussion instruments mounted on the wall, along with the two pianos on either side. A few of the pipes are visible to the far left and right. The rest of the 2380 pipes are in two separate rooms, with the sound coming through the six openings high on the back wall.

Scroll detail from pipe organ console. Makers mark on Wurlitzer console. This is the correct color of the Rose Gold used on this project. Wurlitzer console covered with composition material applied ornaments. Side of console with gilded cap pieces and ormaloo. Peter Achorn applying 23 kt rose gold to ormaloo sections. restored Wurlitzer pipe organ console shining in the spotlight.Detail of rose ornaments on side of pipe organ console.1923 Tenants Harbor burning the remaining wrecks of the schooner fleet.

    Gold comes in different "karats" that describe how pure the gold is. 24 karat is pure gold. I use 23 karat gold on boats. Any karat below that will tarnish slowly when exposed to weather, even if it has varnish over it. There are other kinds of metal leaf such as copper, aluminum, palladium and more.

Gold acanthus leaves have been on fire apparatus for 200 years.
Gamewell alarm box perhaps in the Vanderbelt's neighborhood. My gilding tools out to leaf the carved wood molding on a hose carriage.Society of Gilders banner

    If you are interested in my work, you may want to find other gold leaf artists. The Society of Gilders is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the art and craft of gilding. It's mission is to preserve traditional gilding skills and techniques, and to promote the highest standards in the practice of gilding.
    The Society offers technical help for gilders, restorers, conservators and all those interested in the gilding arts. Classes and workshops are offered where participants can learn more about the art of gilding. Membership is open to any interested individual, institution or corporation.

Interior of Church dome gilded by Michael Kramer.Roof gilded by Michael Kramer. Society of Gilders community project regilding a church interior in New Orleans. Society of Gilders volunteers at a community project.gilded glass doors by Miriam Ellner. Picture frame restoration by Bill Adair.

    Originally called the Guild of Gilders, the organization has patterned itself after ancient craftsmen's guilds. The Society of Gilders continues to grow and teach the art of gilding in many disciplines.
    Conferences bring members together from around the world, and the hands-on classes, lectures, tours and community projects provide a memorable experience for all in attendance.

Gilded compo ornament.Glass screen by Miriam Ellner.Main Street Tenants Harbor with a board walk and not much shade.
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