Gorter water tower in San Francisco.

Water Tower

Restoring the gold leaf decoration
on a fire service water tower...

On this page is a water tower built by the San Francisco Fire Dept. in 1898. Water was fed through inlets on the sides of the deck from several steam fire engines or from a pressurized hydrant. Water pressure was used to raise the tower to a vertical position. Then the water could be pumped up the 65 foot tower and out onto the fire.

1898 Gorter water tower before restoration.Gorter water tower arrives at Firefly Restoration.Drawing of a water tower in action. Lettering on Water Tower No. 21898 Gorter water tower wheels with gold applied.Gears on deck of 1898 Gorter water towerGorter water tower in front of firehouse.Detail of tower decoration1898 Gorter water tower wheel decorated by Peter Achorn1898 Gorter water tower and wheels in Fire Gold workshopFront end assembly on 1898 Gorter water towerLooking up tower frame.1898 Gorter water tower detail1898 Gorter water tower in door yard San Francisco Engine Co. 15

This apparatus fought the fire caused by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Tool box on 1898 Gorter water towerdrawing of 1906 San Francisco firefront end of 1898 Gorter water tower1898 Gorter water tower in Fire Gold shop after decoratingFront spring detail of 1898 Gorter water towerSan Francisco city hall 1906 Fifth wheel and lettering on 1898 Gorter water towerphoto of 1906 fire in San Francisco
1898 Gorter water tower mechanism 1898 Gorter water tower control mechanism with pin-stripes. Boston fire 1872 cudda used a water tower.If it isn't polished, its stripedFellie design on 1898 Gorter water towerphoto of water tower covered in ice.1898 Gorter water tower frame on wheels in snow.date 1898 on front axle close-up of frame letteringSan Francisco harborRestoration of 1898 Gorter water tower 1898 Gorter water tower driven down LA road.Back end of deck on 1898 Gorter water tower 1898 Gorter water tower leaving my shop Washington DC water tower1898 Gorter water tower raising mechanism1898 Gorter water tower in door yard of Fire Gold
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