Motor propelled steam fire engine in New York City.


Restoring the gold leaf decoration
on a tractor driven steam fire engine...

This was a special vehicle restoration to be a part of. In the first years of the 20th century, horse drawn steam engines were refit with gasoline motor tractors. The steam powered pumps worked fine and the tractor cost less to maintain than horses.

Parts being fitted at Firefly Restoration. Vesuvius in Firefly Restoration shop.Vesuvius before restoration.Vesuvius delivered to Fire Gold shop, Tom Hopkins stearingSteam fire engine Vesuvius with frame rails gilded, but no stripes or shading.Vesuvius frame rails with lines and shading added.Tractor driven steam fire engine Vesuvius in Firegold Shop, ready to resturn to Firefly Restoration shop.
Amoskeag style decoration on frame rail of steam fire engine Vesuvius.American LaFrance scroll by Peter Achorn on tractor of Vesuvius restoration.American LaFrance style decoration on frame of steam fire engine Vesuvius restoration.Rear view showing coal box of Vesuviusearly photo of horse drawn steam fire engine converted to tractor driven.The name Vesuvius in Tuscan style white gold with a double shade.

    There are seven shades of red on the Amoskeag steam pumper half of the vehicle. This company decorated their engines with a modern look for the time. It has qualities of Eastlake and Craftsman style decoration. The oil paintings on the coal box wrap around the corners.
    The front half of the fire engine was built by American LaFrance. The tractor replaced the original front assembly from horse driven days. The American LaFrance company used gold renaissance style scrolls like those seen on engines for 100 years before.

Vesuvius erupts on the corners of the coal box.Vesuvius in Fire Gold shop with coal box in foreground, just begun.Tractor driven steam fire engine Vesuvius displayed at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.1913 Seagrave tractor pulling steam fire engine.
Amoskeag wheel decoration on Vesuvius. Detail of pump stripes and lines on Vesuvius. Tool boxes for Vesuvius. Motorized Engine Co. 5 with steam pumper and tractor.Amoskeag style decoration by Peter Achorn on side of coal box.American LaFrance style seat decoration on steam fire engine Vesuvius.Typical American Lafrance tractor frame ornament. Coal box corner showing oil painting of Vesuvius eruption.American LaFrance tractor showing similar frame and seat designs to those on Vesuvius.Fellies decoration with lots of lines and dots. Number 3 on hood with triple shade, oval and scroll with single shade and letters with double shade. Amoskeag decoration to the left, American LaFrance decoration to the right with the scroll and bands of diamonds.Fly wheel with nichol plating, gold leafing and painted lines.Vesuvius before from behind.Poughkeepsie goes modern.How great it is to be able to display our work locally at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.Vesuvius, brought to you by Chuck Niles, Rob Saucier, Andy Swift, Larry Balchen and Peter Achorn.Photo of original decoration on tractor.
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