early photo of Maxim engine shown restored later on this page.

Maxim Motor Co.

Restoring the gold leaf decoration
on Maxim fire engines...

The restorations on this page are Maxim Motor Co. engines. The bold "knot" corner design was a popular motif on horse drawn commercial vehicles in the 1800's. The fancy thin white lines also refer back to earlier vehicle decoration. This truck was well built and modern in every way mechanically. The decoration was added by someone with aesthetics from an earlier decade.

1926 Maxim fire engine restored by owner, gilding and stripes by Peter Achorn Seat and seat riser with classic Maxim corner knots. Pump and hose body of 1926 Maxim fire engine Seats like sculpture from 1926 Maxim fire engine. The chevron on the fender is standard on Maxims. 1926 Maxim fire engine displayed at the Owls Head Transportation Museum. Rear corner of 1926 Maxim fire enginefire fob Eleven corner knots on 1926 Maxim fire engine Hose body corner decoration on a 1926 Maxim fire engine Frame end ornament on a 1926 Maxim fire engine1926 Maxim fire engine wheel stripes1919 Hahn with gold knot cornersMustering in the 1920s

    I spoke once with an old painter from the Maxim factory. He grew up in the town where the factory had always been. He was local and learned from the previous paint crew. The style he used in the 1950s still had remnants of 19th century coach painting techniques and designs. The engine below is a 1923 Maxim. It has distinctive chevron decorations on the fenders, and a nice use of black stripes throughout.

1923 Maxim fire engine wheel Restored 1923 Maxim fire engine by Firefly Restoration. Chevron cut into the front fender of 1923 Maxim fire engine. Chevron painted on front fender of 1923 Maxim fire engine
1923 Maxim fire engine at Firefly Restoration. Maxim Motor Co. of Middleboro Mass. logo Decoration by Peter Achorn on 1923 Maxim fire engine fender and hose body. 1920s Model T chiefs car.Horses leading the motorized engines to the fire.1904 Baltimore fire
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