Devotion Hose Co. in Brookline MA.

Hose Carts & Carriages

Restoring the gold leaf decoration
on hose company apparatus...

Hose was carried to the fire on its own vehicle. Once the hose was laid out, the empty cart was pulled away from the fire scene. The carts got less wear and fire damage than the engines. They were often elaborately decorated and designed for parades as well as fires. This hose carriage for the Eagle Hose Co. came with cut glass flower vases, bells and a stuffed eagle...

1850s Eagle Hose carriage restored by Firefly Restoration. Hose cart race at muster in Bangor ME. Fire Gold shop with 1850s Eagle Hose carriage restoration.1850s Eagle Hose carriage running gear1850s Eagle Hose carriage spool and tool boxes with hand carved wood wreath Tool boxes on 1850s Eagle Hose carriage hand carved eagle heads on fifth wheel of 1850s Eagle Hose carriagewheel spokes and hub 1850s Eagle Hose carriageFifth wheel assembly striped by Peter Achorn of Fire Gold Tool box on1850s Eagle Hose carriage with date it was sold to Ansonia FD

    Below is a photo from the 1920's of this hose reel in a parade. The hose has been replaced with flowers for the parade. This carriage belonged to a volunteer fire department in NYC before the Civil War. After the war the department was disbanded and in 1871 the carriage was sold to Ansonia CT.┬áIt has hand carved wood foliage and eagle heads, delicate iron work and elaborate etched glass lanterns.

badge for hose carriage in NYC Parade photo of Ansonia hose carriage with stuffed eagle on top. 1850s Eagle Hose carriage spool decorated by Peter Achorn silver badge Plymouth FDCarved wood wreath on 1850s Eagle Hose carriage badge of Water Witch Hose ColGilded spool and frame decoration on hose carriage.hose carriage with rope line for pulling

    A two wheeled vehicle is a cart, and a four wheeled one is a carriage. This hose carriage has a blue spool and vermilion running gear. It is a delicate looking vehicle, yet it needed to be strong. The wet hose was heavy. The carriage was hand pulled by the firemen with rope from two small spools below the front axle.

1880s Silsby hose carriage restored by Firefly RestorationLettering on Wallkill NY 1880s Silsby hose carriage restored by Peter AchornSpoke and hub design on wheel of 1880s Silsby hose carriage 1880s Silsby hose carriage in Firefly Restoration shop with spool decorated by Ken SoderbeckFifth wheel stripes on 1880s Silsby hose carriage by Peter AchornGilded carved wood frame ends on 1880s Silsby hose carriage.Detail of stripes and gilding on 1880s Silsby hose carriage 1890 photo of Hayden FD
Nott hose cart restored by Firefly Restoration hoseman badgeStripes on Nott hose cart by Peter Achorn pin-stripes on Nott hose cart 1908 photo of Lakeville Hose Co.
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