1923 American LaFrance with all the available gold scrolls

American LaFrance

Restoring the gold leaf decoration
on American LaFrance fire engines...

The American LaFrance Company has a long history. It is the descendant of several earlier hand engine and steamer manufacturers. In 2007 it turned 175 years old. The decoration used on these motorized engines comes from the LaFrance Company of the steam power era. The LaFrance Company was started by Truckson and Asa Hyenveux. These French immigrants found that Americans could not pronounce their name, so they changed it to LaFrance.

1926 American LaFrance restoration American Lafrance radiator badge. 1926 American LaFrance with gold applied in Fire Gold shop. photo of 1914 American LaFrance with gold scrolls and stripes.1922 American LaFrance fire engine wheel stripes. Restored 1924 American LaFrance scroll by Peter Achorn. American LaFrance fire engine parts in Fire Gold shop. American LaFrance factory photograph showing gold scrolls on seat, frame, hose body and even the tool box.Fenders from chain drive American LaFrance fire engine. Detail of lines and dots on frame end of an American LaFrance fire engine.American LaFrance frame lines and dots, slightly different than above.Fire Gold paintshop with big 1930s American LaFrance fenders.1930s American LaFrance hood lettering and scroll.Maine farm house fire.

    The American LaFrance decorations evolved as the truck bodies changed. All the different scrolls painted over the years are made up of the same few leaf forms. This style can generally be called Renaissance scroll-work.
    The gold leaf scrolls have painted shadows added to make them look 3-dimentional. Fine lines and dots of white and black are added to enhance the carved appearance. Sometimes small accents of green give an extra accent to a design.

1930s American LaFrance Senior 400 seat scroll. old photo of 1930s American LaFrance Senior 400 American LaFrance Senior 400 watch fob. Restored 1930s American LaFrance Senior 400 fire engine by Firefly Restoration. Hose body scrolls on 1930s American LaFrance Senior 400 fire engine Restored 1930s American LaFrance Senior 400 being assembled.William ornament1921 Lexington Fire Department by the Minute Man statue.1939 American LaFrance fire enigne at Firefly Restoration.

    The Yat Ming Company made a model of this restored engine. The big one was built in 1939 for Freeport, Maine.

Yat Ming model of 1939 American LaFrance fire engine brass Fireman's fob.Andy Swift tuning up 1939 American LaFrance fire engine Freeport Maine Fire Dept. showing their 1939 American LaFrance fire engine.ole photo of 1937 American LaFrance fire engine 1930s American LaFrance Junior 400 fire engine restored by Firefly Restoration. Lettering on 1930s American LaFrance fire engines 1922 American LaFrance fire engine restoration.1922 American LaFrance fire engine showing gray fenders over a red frame.original photo of this 1922 American LaFrance fire engineGold hood letters with red shadow.1926 American LaFrance factory photograph.Two American LaFrance fire engine in the door yard of Fire Gold.1925 American LaFrance fire engine restored by Firefly Restoration.rear corner scrolls by Peter Achorn on 1925 American LaFrance fire engine Carmine body on a vermilion frame, just like the steam fire engines. Fender scroll on 1925 American LaFrance fire engine 1909 American LaFrance fire engine
American LaFrance commercial truck restoration by Firefly Restoration.American LaFrance commercial truck in Fire Gold shop for striping. Hand gilded and painted door logo by Peter Achorn.Stripes and lines on side of American LaFrance commercial truck restorationBlack stripes and red lines on green American LaFrance commercial truck restoration Factory photo of an American LaFrance commercial truck.
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