Ken Soderbeck backing up a Knox fire engine.

Ken Soderbeck

Restoring antique fire apparatus.

Ken Soderbeck has been a driving force in the movement to preserve and restore antique fire apparatus. Here are some examples of the decoration he has restored. His skills go way beyond gilding and painting. At his shop he does complete restorations. This includes metal work, glass work, leather work, mechanical work and much more. He is a historian, a collector, and a teacher. I have learned a lot from him. His company is Hand In Hand Restoration. Please visit his web site to see more.

Hand-In-Hand sign on restoration shop. Ken Soderbeck himself. Ken Soderbeck's shop with two steam fire engine restorations in progress.Ken Soderbeck with newly restored Knox fire engne.Wheel decoration by Ken Soderbeck.Ahrens hose cart decorated by Ken Soderbeck.Hand-In-Hand shop office.Blue American LaFrance restored by Ken Soderbeck.Valdez steam fire engine restoration by Ken Soderbeck and Andy Swift.

    I've worked on a dozen or so restorations with Ken. He was the ornamenter and I was the striper. It was a great way to learn. He has rediscovered lost techniques and recorded rare designs. His standard for accurate artwork has made his restorations valuable to future historians and artisans.

Metropolitan steamer coal box decoration by Ken Soderbeck. 1920 Ahrens-Fox fire engine restored by Ken Soderbeck.Steam fire engine wheel decorated by Ken Soderbeck.Ken Soderbeck hand painting ornaments on frame rail of a steamer.
Ken Soderbeck hose wagon lettering for FDNY 1897 American LaFrance hose wagon restoration presented to FDNY in memory of 9-11badge from NY Hose Co. 30 Ken Soderbeck at Firefly Restoration steaming an Amoskeag engine from Belfast ME. Steam fire engine restored for the Valdez Fire DepartmentA workshop at Hand-In-Hand with David Lewis and Ken Soderbeck.
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